Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (Scada)

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Our versatile capability means we can support manufacturing sites of any size and we have expertise with monitoring software SCADA, an integrated system needed in large scale industrial plants to control and communicate with all individual machinery system elements on the site. HMI is part of a SCADA system so our experience of both assures we understand how they connect. We can design an effective central SCADA system to monitor a number of industrial processes in a plant from one location.

As always, our customers’ specific needs are at the forefront of our development process and we understand the reliance on SCADA from a management perspective, to track progress and control operational activity throughout a substantial production site.

The features and benefits we can provide the industrial manufacturing sector via SCADA implementation includes, the functionality for data acquisition, identifying trends, alarm handling, supervision and control, 24/7 monitoring from any remote location, reliability via automation and therefore, reduction in personnel costs.

Some of the SCADA platforms we regularly work with are:

  • InduSoft
  • Litmus Edge
  • Genesis64
  • Simatic SCADA
  • DAQFactory
  • Factory Studio
  • VTScada
  • Wonderware
  • Mitsubishi Maps SCADA

​SCADA Examples​

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (Scada) Example 1
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (Scada) Example 2
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (Scada) Example 3 - Mitsubishi MAPS-Spider
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (Scada) - maps example


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