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Onsite Support, Remote Support & Commissioning

We realise the significant impact of operational failure and system breakdowns on business profitability and brand reputation.

Therefore, we offer a reliable support service for our customers, both onsite and remote as required, to rectify any malfunctions and get their systems working correctly again as quickly as possible.

This offering is just as paramount as setting-up a control system initially and our customers find it highly valuable, as well as being reassured in the knowledge that help is just a phone call away.

As part of our support service, we will provide replacement components where needed, removing any further hassle for our customers, which is always our priority.

We know there are many fault possibilities, so we deliver a holistic approach, considering preventative measures and understanding the source of the issue to help companies mitigate further potential errors in their operational processes.

Onsite support for Automation Systems


Industrial automation is no longer limited by the wall of a production facility. More and more automation is being handled via remote communication.

This includes monitoring, improving and even fixing conditions that on-site support (maintenance team) can’t. Hughes Automation offers full 24/7 support. With the latest PLC technology, almost anything can be accomplished whenever there is an internet connection either by 4G or fixed.

Hughes Automation can offer monthly remote PLC connection checks for new and existing control systems to monitor changes or potential future problems.

By working with us you are always supported.

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Additionally, we can support manufacturers with onsite commissioning for systems they are independently installing; we have extensive experience carrying out this testing process for other systems separate to our own, so are well placed to help organisations ensure their systems function in line with intent and operational requirements.

We manage all phases of the commissioning process, providing advice and support throughout so manufacturers understand any alterations required to ultimately be assured their facilities are fit for purpose.

Our commissioning service includes all relevant testing evidence and paperwork, as well as support with any identified training needs and a review of the project report with subsequent recommended actions.

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Onsite support, Remote Support and commissioning

For more information about how we can fulfil your onsite support and commissioning needs, contact us on – 07359006338 / gareth@hughesautomationltd.co.uk